About Brand Identifiers

The reality is your audience (ie the target segment of the market you wish to attract), will determine the success of your brand, be it an organisation, a product or an individual. The personality you project to the audience is therefore of paramount importance. You can lay the foundations for the audience to build the brand you want by the use of a combination of brand identifiers such as logos, websites, direct advertising, flyers, signage, uniforms, tangible design, or anything visual to reinforce the desired brand. Whatever the brand building methods chosen, it is essential there be a uniformity of approach so as to avoid contradiction or fragmentation of the opinion that your audience adopts. The behaviour of your organisation, ie the standard of the product or service offer will need to remain consistent with the message portrayed by the brand identifiers.

It must be remembered that the audience determines the brand, and as such opinions of the brand can change over time with changing circumstances. It is therefore of the greatest importance that your brand identifiers not only offer a cohesive message but that the visual message remains appealing to the changing desires and expectations of the audience.

What do I need to get on line?

1 A Domain Name.
2 A reliable Host for your domain name, your web site and your email.
3 High impact web site that is easy to navigate and works for you 24/7.

Does webeezi offer hosting?

At web
eezi we leave hosting to the professionals.
If you are serious about going on line then don't waste time and money trying to get the cheapest host. They tend to be very slow and may put ads on your web site plus a lot disappear overnight and so does your investment on the web. Go for well recognised and reliable hosting companies. We can help you decide and provide suggestions.

At web
eezi there are no on going plans or contracts.